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Scorecard Interactive Model

Item #: SCModel
Price: $5,000
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    About This Item

    The Scorecard Interactive Model puts the power of FinPro’s models and what-if analytical capabilities in your hands so you can run these models anytime you choose using your Bank’s data.

    • Provides a complete analysis of a bank’s profile
    • Safe and secure cloud-based channel
    • Conduct your own CAMELS self-assessment
    • Derive your own pro forma CAMELS score
    • Review and evaluate potential sub debt issuance
    • Input your bank specific and Board approved thresholds, limits and targets
    • Input and track your bank specific goals and then measure performance
    • Analyze competitors, potential M&A partners and Peers

    The Interactive Scorecard Model includes:
    Financial Highlights & Concentrations | ERM | Liquidity | Portfolio Analaytics | Comparable Analytics